Canary A


1. Classification: 

Oil base ink, sheet-fed offset printing ink, is mainly used for publications which require fairly high printing quality such as calendar, journals, and covers for books and notebooks.

2. Name : CANARY A

3. Features and Uses:

- High gloss, good adhesion
- Very slow skinning performance on printing machine and excellent drying performance on printed materials
- Good ink transfer and printability
- Heavy metal contents in the ink meet ASTM F963-96a 4.3.5 & 8.3 and EN 71-3:1994 testing standards

4. Main Compositions:
- Resin : Phenolic resin, Petroleum resin
- Pigment : Organic/ Inorganic pigment
- Additive : Synthetic wax
- Solvent : Linseed oil, petroleum distillates, …

5. Printing materials:

Suitable for sheet-fed paper materials such as ivory board, couche’, ford paper

6. Technical Parameters:

These technical data are determined for each lot before its release by our quality control laboratory

Inkometer, 400 rpm, 32 ± 0.1oC, 30 sec
12.0 - 20.0
Fluidity (mm)
Parallel plate viscosity, 60 sec; 25 ± 1oC
25.0 - 40.0
Setting time (minute)
12 - 15

7. Attention for Users:

- Under normal conditions (15 - 35oC), the ink can be directly used in printing machine. If the room temperature is too low or the surface status of paper is poor, viscosity reducer or varnish can be add in the ink. 
- If the indoor humidity is high or there is other condition affecting drying, drying agent not more than 2% can be added in the ink.
- If you have lightfast or other requirements for printing, select our company’s special products

8. Safety and storage information:

- Storage in a cool place (15 – 25oC) and out of direct sunlight. Keep containers closed when not in use.
- Avoid contact with skins and eyes. If the ink comes in contact with the skin, promptly wash off with water and soap. If eye contact occurs, immediately wash off with water for 15 minutes and seek medical advice. Wash area has to be effectively ventilated.
- Shelf Life: 12 months after date of manufacture when storing the at 15-25oC and in the original packing container. At higher storage temperatures the shelf life will be reduced

* The information offered here is based on actual production and laboratory testing results. Whether our products will meet your plants particular performance requirements depends on your specific operating environment and on the quality of the printing materials being printed. We recommend that you first determine on a limited sample, whether our products meet your requirements before committing to the entire print job. Since we cannot anticipate or control the conditions under which our products are used it is not possible to guarantee their performance. All sales are subject to our Standard selling terms and conditions.
We would point out the information contained in this leaflet is only a recommendation and may need to be altered to suit the conditions and efficiency of the equipment employed.

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